Carnival Queen

This year’s Carnival Queen and her attendants

Leading The Way

After the crowning ceremony on Monday 15th August 2016, in pride of place at the head of the procession was 17 year old Carnival Queen Sophie Doubleday with her personally chosen 8 years old attendants Poppie Pilkington (left) and Lola Hunting (right).  They are pictured with their personal pets at the Snooks memorial beside the Moot Hall.

We hope you enjoyed your day!

A part-time member of staff at the Lighthouse Restaurant, Sophie is studying Health Sciences at Suffolk New College Ipswich.  A former netball player, she still makes time to keep fit despite a busy life style.  At Aldeburgh Primary School, Poppy likes maths and being a Brownie whilst Lola prefers French.  Both enjoy swimming and are likely to enter the Carnival Poster Competition and maybe the swimming races.

These two cousins are also associated with a local business; their grandparents run the Railway Inn, another enthusiastic Carnival supporter.

Under the guidance of Elaine Miller the Carnival Queen’s Chaperone, they were provided with ensembles for their star position on the leading float.  Their pets had to admire them from ground level like the rest of us!

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