Making a Donation

Giving your pennies (and pounds) to help us keep the Carnival running!

Paying for Carnival

Like everything else, the cost of staging the Carnival you know and love increases annually and now exceeds £45,000 each year. We are now gearing up for this year’s Carnival, and we love putting the show on as much as you enjoy attending, but we still need your support more than ever. If you’ve had a great time, or you’re excited about attending for the first time, find a few coins (or notes) for the collecting buckets, and give generously over Carnival weekend.  You can also donate to us:

Please consider donating to Aldeburgh Carnival and help us keep the tradition alive.

Did you know?

The Carnival supports Aldeburgh Charities and Voluntary Organisations from any profits.
In 2017, Aldeburgh Carnival donated £6,700 back to the local community, to organisations and worthy causes. It’s important for us to recognise and support local organisations who help us to bring the Carnival to you, and who are vital to making Aldeburgh and the surrounding area a wonderful place to live, work and holiday in.

Aldeburgh Carnival is supported by:
Suffolk Secrets
Suffolk Secrets

Donate by Post

The Treasurer, Aldeburgh Carnival
The Cottage
Donkey Lane
IP17 2PL

Donate with Paypal

Donate to our collecting buckets

Just drop your coins (and notes) in to the buckets when you come to Carnival!

All official buckets carry a luminous label.  Don’t put money into collecting buckets if you’re unsure if they’re official, you can always pay the money later by donating via PayPal.