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Can you help us?

Are you free over Carnival weekend for just a few hours to help us put on this incredible event?

  The Carnival is entirely run by a dedicated team of volunteers, but we can't do it alone!  Please get in touch with us - we'd really like to hear from you!  Please see the Get Involved! page for more details.


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Aldeburgh Carnival

Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th - Monday 18th August 2014



Thank you to everyone who took part in Carnival 2013, be it entrants or spectators!  Preparations for 2014 have now begun...

The theme for Carnival 2014 is confirmed as 'Mardi Gras'.

We look forward to an explosion of colour, dancing and dressing up!  Bring forth your finest party feet!

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Thinking of taking part?
Downloadable entry forms for various events you can print off and complete ahead of Carnival weekend, please see the Downloads section on the How To Enter page.

Do you have a few hours to spare?
Can you help Aldeburgh Carnival with the organising and running of the Carnival? Please e-mail